Métis Artist ~ Earlene Bitterman

"Animation combined with traditional knowledge is the key to protect our Métis culture and language"

Earlene is a graphics artist, cartoonist and digital animator born in Pouce coupe BC to a traditional Métis family and raised in various communities in the north. She developed her artistic skills living in remote communities on the Dempster highway NWT, stikine river and the Haida Gwaii. She has successfully published a series of Michif animations and is a contributing artist in a Indigenous Northern learning to read series which recieved the Lieutenant governors award for literacy. As well as her artistic endevours, her passion is Métis genealogy. Researching her own pre-confederation history tied to the Fort st. John-Dunvegan forts in Northern BC, with ancestorial names such as Whitfords, Sansregrets, Collins and Bremners.


Stella Erasmus Johnson ~ Métis elder, Michif translator

"I truly believe it has the power to ground us and contribute to personal success no matter our ambitions or age; there are no limitations in self-discovery. My advice to all Métis people is cling to your roots, discover your rich heritage, learn the language of our people and pass it to our next generations, legacy is important!"

Stella Erasmus Johnson is a Métis elder and Northern Michif speaker from McLennan, Alberta. Stella currently lives in Nanaimo and works at the Vancouver Island University where she is lovingly known as Auntie Stella. Stella's focus is promoting education and teaching the Michif language to all ages.


Brianna Lizotte ~ Métis youth & Musician

Stories often flowed around her home of the music and the musicians who played in her family. Music was something that intrigued and challenged her. "Fiddling, for Alberta's Brianna Lizotte, is not just a calling, it's a way of life. Each note and every sweep of the bow are anchored in her proud Métis heritage and inspired by an upbringing immersed in endless hours of music. Brianna's passion for expression is ignited by a determination to keep her family history and culture alive"